Why join us?

Why should you join the club?  Here is one member’s opinion.


We do everything we can to make flying as affordable as possible.  We can’t do anything about the fact that flying is no longer the cheap hobby it was thirty years ago — with fuel at $6.50 a gallon, flying is going to cost $65.00 an hour even without paying for maintenance and insurance — but by staying focused on the fact that flying is about flying and not gadgets, we stay focused on the essential costs of safe flight.  One thing you won’t have to pay for is renter’s insurance.  When you rent a plane from an FBO and damage the plane, the FBO’s insurance will repair the plane and turn around and sue you for the cost of repairing the plane, and you are protected by your own renter’s insurance.  When you fly with us, you are protected by our insurance for damage to the plane.


Our plane is maintained well.  We may argue about how fancy the radios need to be, but we don’t argue about safety.  On the topic of safety, a phrase like “that should be good enough” just doesn’t fly.


Club members are involved in all aspects of aviation.  Helicopters.  Gliders. Oshkosh. Sun and Fun. EAA. Many of us have been in the area for twenty or thirty years and remember when there was an airport at Tewskbury and when you could actually land a plane on the runway at Shirley.


Flexibility is the number one reason to join the club.  As a member of the club, you are a part owner of the plane with your own set of keys and access to an easy, on-line reservation system you can access using your phone’s web browser as you sit in the plane itself.  The field has a self-service fuel station near the plane, so you never have to wait for fuel. The plane is almost always available, and members are almost always willing to make changes to accommodate your plans.  Take the plane with no concern about flying a minimum number of hours as you do with other clubs and FBOs.  Want to fly to the beach at Provincetown for a day?  Stay the whole day and pay only for the 1.5 hours of flight time the trip required.  Want to spend a weekend on Martha’s Vineyard?  Almost always okay.  Want to fly to Oshkosh.  Well, it’s been done… Want to take the family with you on your trip but the plane at your FBO has only two seats?  We have four.  Some of our members own their own aircraft, and still fly with us for the flexibility of having easy access to a four-seat plane when needed.