The Twin Bee

Here’s an adventure that doesn’t come often to the Greater Boston area. Ever thought about flying a tail-wheel airplane?  How about a seaplane?  How about a mutli-engine airplane?  How about all three in one?!?  Say hello to the Twin Bee, a twin-engine version of the Sea Bee, developed right here in Norwood, Massachusetts, in 1960.  The airport gossip is that only six are still flying.  The Wikipedia page says only 23 were built.  But now there is one sitting at the Bedford airport from now through October with your name written on it.  Go up to Maine to get your seaplane rating at Twitchell’s Seaplane Base (3B5) in Turner, then call Rob Valleau at East Coast Aero at Bedford (KBED) before October for your multi-engine seaplane rating.  Then come back to the Hawk Flying Club and tell all your friends about your adventure.

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