Fresh flight

Such a refreshing experience it was to fly this morning.  The weather was calm with an even overcast at 4000 feet and light drizzle forecast to change to light rain later in the day.  The plane, properly trimmed, climbed hands off to cruising altitude, and then out to the practice area.  Approaching the ocean, a thin layer of clouds at 2000 feet below pushed in from the ocean just over the shoreline.  Clearing turns, gentle turns, steep turns, slow flight, take-off and landing stalls both turning and not, everything flown in calm conditions with just the lightest touch on the controls.  There is nothing like it to feel the physical connection to the machine and the weather, a connection so deep you can feel the plane wanting to fly the maneuver itself.  Coming back to the airport for landings, both short-field and soft-field, the plane flew itself to the runway.  Trimmed for final approach, flying almost hands-off, the whole experience evolved so slowly, so gently, so peacefully.  We are lucky to have a plane that so much loves to fly.

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