Back in action!

The Hawk Flying Club is back in action!  Back in action with a fresh zero-time engine in the Archer just a few hours away from being properly broken-in and ready to fly!  It is so, so sad that the break-in procedure forces club members to fly long flights to beautiful locations just out of a day’s reach to most terrestrial humans in the Greater Boston area. Once to Lewiston, Maine.  Once to Rutland, Vermont.  Once to Bennington, Vermont.  And maybe next to a fly-in on Long Island or for an early-fall swim on Martha’s Vineyard.  Come join us for a great time with friends and airplanes.  Memberships are available.

And, just for the record, this is the meticulously maintained Morse Airport (DDH) in Bennington, Vermont:

 Morse Airport (DDH), Bennington, VT  Morse Airport (DDH), Bennington, VT

and this is one of the surprises waiting for you at the airport:

Morse Airport (DDH), Bennington, VT

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