Starting up again

I joke that all of my hobbies died when my son was born. Now I’m trying to get them back. So I’ve spent a few hours this spring trying to get the flying back after five years away.

Between the wind and the overcast and the rain and my own personal limitations (set strictly while the rust is wearing off), it has been a challenge to get time in the air. Wednesday afternoon, however, the sun came out at about 4pm, and I lit out of work like a bat out of some hot place to practice landings. I’ve been studying the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook for the first time since primary training, and find myself surprised that there is useful information there. Who knew? I wanted to make my landings look just like the book said. Didn’t quite work out that way in all respects, but there was just enough cross wind to pay attention to it, and for the first time in my life I saw the perfect picture of a cross wind landing just as described in the book. That was fun.

If you haven’t flow for a while, why not call up with someone who is flying, go off to have breakfast somewhere, and get yourself back into the game!

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